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Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits up to 13.50%
Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC is a listed finance company that has been in operation for close to half a century. The company, popularly known as MI is a licensed finance company under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011. MI was incorporated in Sri Lanka on 15th June 1964 under the Companies Ordinance No. 51 of 1938 and re-registered under the Company Act No.07 of 2007. Being renowned for specialising in business of leasing, hire purchase financing, loans and advances and mobilistaion of deposits, MI caters to customers that come from all walks of life.

In meeting customer expectations, MI has a diverse and growing network of branches scattered across the country supported by a highly skilled workforce together with the right technology to deliver an extra ordinary service. We have gained reputation over the years as a customer friendly institution that strives in meeting varying customer expectations through our excellence in service and speed of delivery. We welcome you to our website for you to gather knowledge of our organisation's rich heritage, our capability and the range of offerings so that you could be part of our loyal and lifelong customer base in the near future.
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